Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Five important councils for correct care of a face skin!

Five important councils for correct care of a face skin

The face - the card of the person. On it judge, it estimate, with it fall in love. Therefore women in all centuries tried to hold a face skin in ideal, how much it allows age, a condition. On what only a victim of the lady, and in last century and men, go for the sake of an embodiment to a life of treasured dream to have a healthy and equal skin. The basic secrets of a beautiful skin are old, as light. But observing them, the person will take a shining form.

Rule the first. Water - a health source. Therefore do not suppose a lack of a liquid of an organism. It concerns not only summer, the winter - is time, when the skin especially requires humidifying. Do not forget to put humidifying creams on the face for the night. In a dream of a cage of a skin are recycled and demand a special food.

Rule number two. Do not forget to clean always a face skin before a dream. If you have come from work and are not going to leave any more, remove a make-up, not waiting an evening shower. The cosmetics rests close a time, do not give to them is high-grade to breathe, pollute them. Then on a skin there are various heat-spots. Timely clearing - an indispensable condition of an excellent condition of a skin. Do not forget to clean hair from the face when will spray their varnish, after all it puts fragile, got tired of a make-up, a skin fabric an irreparable harm.

Rule the third. The dream is health, undoubtedly, it is reflected in a skin first of all. The most notable beauties of the world know, that there is no the best medicine for the exhausted condition of the person, than a high-grade long dream. Sleep not less than eight hours and find time for the pedestrian walks on fresh air, and the skin will answer you with a shining, healthy kind.

The fourth rule. Do not take a great interest in cosmetology means and procedures. Cleaning in salon more often, than time for a month to do it is not necessary. As whenever possible replace store products for care of a skin with house masks and scrub. We will recollect our grandmothers, after all their skin looked much more healthy, than ours though for care it used that was near at hand: vegetables, fruit, milk.

Rule the fifth. A healthy food. Yes, probably, many about it know, but is very small that, is capable to refuse from acute food, fried, and furthermore - sweet. Pay attention, after holidays with magnificent feasts necessarily on the face there are circles and pimples. If poured out a forehead - there are problems with intestines. That is, today we eat, and tomorrow we will see it on the face.

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