Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bath anti-ageing of skin

Good receipts anti-ageing of bath of skin are not easily found. The majority of the receipts of bath are naturally good for the skin, but seldom make a receipt have so many ingredients anti-ageing such as this one.

Stalemate, which sent the facial shares to us to the house marvellous of a receipt a great receipt:

Defying Bath of skin of age


pure lanolin of cup of 1/2
oil almonds of 1 spoonful with soup
oil nut of 1 spoonful with soup
juice of will vera of aloes of 1/4 cup
lecithin of 1 spoonful with soup
the water of 1 spoonful with soup
Vitamin E of 800 international units (the open capsules with a pin and tighten the contents).


For this you want a mixer or you can use a mixer of stick in a narrow container for the best results.
I have a ball and transversely uses the blade and the small cup.
To dissolve lecithin in water.
To place all the ingredients in the mixer, the ball or the small basin and to mix very completely. It will separate if not correctly mixed, but it can Re-being mixed like necessary.
If possible, store in a container out of dark glass to prevent from entering the light.
After washing, to apply this to the face or any other skin in a very light coating.

To apply always a cream hydrating to the skin coldly washed. It can add very small moisture but it helps the subsistence what you have in the skin. This mixture can add a little of protein to an older skin of aloe and the vitamin E is an antioxydant. To feel free to test with other oils if you prefer or have allergies.


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There are many anti-ageing treatments available but it is better to go with natural remedies and solutions. This bath has good natural ingredients to fight off ageing.