Friday, May 7, 2010

Biotine for the growth of hair - advantages of vitamin of biotine in the care of skin and hair

Using the biotine for the growth of hair, of the possibilities of the loss of hair are appreciably reduced. The also known vitamin of biotine under the name of biotine 7 is part of products of care of skin and hair.

The advantages of the biotine are numerous: it nourishes the skin, reinforces nails and hair. The biotine is good for the skin, its insufficiency makes with skin with dermatite inclined and fungic infections. The dry skin is a possible sign of insufficiency of biotine and thus is the dry and fragile hair.

Loss of hair and biotine - what is upwards with that?


It is of one hundred percent of truth that the biotine plays a big role in the prevention of the loss of hair. According to nutritionnists the biotine is an important vitamin for the growth of hair. It is also strongly recommended to be necessary for biotine in addition to other medcial treatments such Minoxidil, Poscar or Propecia.

The loss of biotine and hair are related inter. The insufficiency of the biotine can cause unhealthy and the rupture of the hair, which could finally lead to the loss of hair. The biotine is component important not only with the new growth of hair but also maintains the skin and the nails in perfect health.

To try to avoid eggs believed in your mode since the high amount of believed egg protein contained binds makes the biotine and it nonavailable to the body which causes alternatively the insufficiency of the loss of biotine and of hair. To always employ the shampoo, which is enriched with biotine and silica to prevent the loss of hair.

The supplements are necessary to reconstitute the B12 levels, which will prevent the loss of hair completely. Since the biotine and the hair the loss are closely bound, it is strongly recommended to regularly include the biotine in your food. Food containing many biotine are the egg yolks and the liver. To obtain should consume to you thousands of daily calories of what your hair has need. This is why I propose supplements of biotine.

People with the type of blood has do not have the capacity to absorb vitamins of B. Because we know already the biotine, a family member of the vitamin B, is requested for the growth of hair. To twice a day add the high amounts from 5 to 8 grams with your food will prevent the loss of hair intensively. No side effect is known.

The loss of biotine and hair are closely dependant. So good food completion of the biotine include yeast of brewers, pea, oats, soya, nut, seeds of sunflower, pea, bulgur and the brown rice can certainly help to prevent the loss of hair.

You should realize that the people with the heartburn, the acid backward flow, or the GERD which takes antiacids can absorb the biotine less and the loss of hair can certainly occur. To thus avoid the drugs the cash of antiacids for a better assimilation of prevention of loss of biotine and hair.

The biotine is food of hair! If you suffer me from the loss of hair to strongly recommend to take a supplement of biotine and to employ a shampoo enriched by biotine.