Monday, May 10, 2010

Remedy of puncture of bee

There are two or three things which you can make as a remedy of puncture of bee.

First of all, when you obtain piqué, to remove the stinger with tweezers.

To employ a towel, to soak it out of cool water and to place it on the spot.

A towel soaked out of cool water acts as a cold compress which will reduce the swelling and the redness of the skin.

Other remedies of house of puncture of bee

To mix a cup of water distilled with the oil of lavender. To make the same thing that I described with cool water

1 apple vinegar cup
2 oil of lavender drops

The lavender has an alleviating effect on the skin.

You could also:

To mix 2 oil drops of tree of with 1 oil of lavender drop. To use a cotton plug to apply gently on the spot.

The bites of insect curing the balsam is a remedy for the house for any kind of bites of insect. It reduces swelling and redness and helps the skin to cure more quickly.

The recommendation of our reader:

A thing about being a child is that you become always wounded. You could fall to the bottom, or cut yourselves. You could obtain the little or piqué by an insect or an animal. The list is without end.

My remedy for the house is for a puncture of bee.

I was piqué by a bee already when I was ten years. I remember that there was much pain. My mother put my finger above what it had the practice to call a “brought back part of tobacco”.

To help a puncture of bee you take a little tobacco out of a pocket of cigarette or tobacco. To crush together and then run a little water above him until this becomes a sticking ball. Then you place the ball of tobacco on the wound and apply a binding above him. In approximately 5-10 minutes, stops of pain and swelling.

The honey bees are those which prick. This occurs when the honey bee is attacked, feels threatened in an unspecified way, or when he wants to protect the hive. The stinger penetrates the skin and infuses the poison which can cause an allergic reaction.

Symptoms of the soft allergic reaction

To itch
Aqueous eyes
Nasal congestion
Redness of skin

Symptoms of moderate to the serious allergic reaction

Giddiness or distraction
Nausea and vomiting
Ingestion of difficulty
Difficulty breathing

To pay attention of the reaction allergic to the puncture of bee! To seek the medical assistance immediately if you note symptoms mentioned above the ones Des.

Also, if a child younger than 2 years is piqué, to apply only the oil of lavender and not to expose in the light of the sun then that.


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