Friday, May 7, 2010

Soft bath - luxurious receipts of bath of chocolate bubble

The receipts of bath of chocolate bubble are one of these receipts which are so soft and luxurious, appreciating them is a thing easy to make:) After the declining receipt of protective chocolate mask, I looked at around to find a receipt of care of skin which contains the chocolate or the cocoa in it. And I found it!

The chocolate softens the skin, and with milk, this receipts smoothes the skin, leaving it silky and succulent.

These two receipts are courtesy of


1 cup of bath of bubble unscented
1/3 milk cup of soya not sweetened
3 ounces. dark chocolate grated or out of powder

To heat the milk of soya and to add in the grated chocolate or out of powder. To stir up well until melting and to mix, but not to boil. To let cool. To mix well still right before being added to your bath.


1 cup of bath of bubble unscented
pack of 1/2 of out of powder or milk dried milk of soya
3 ounces. chocolate not sweetened out of powder

To mix milk and the drinking chocolate well, until mixing. To stir up in the bath of bubble until mixed well. To add to your bath in the desired quantity.


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wow..what a unique and powerful combination of chocolate and the milk. I like the way you explain the procedure. Now, i will share it with my friends and let you know my personal experience with it.:)