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Keratosis pilaris is conceivably the best able-bodied accepted of the keratosis case conditions. Abounding bodies accredit to this blazon of keratosis as craven case or craven case adventurous or goose flesh. The acumen for this is because the case that is afflicted by pilaris has the actualization of the case on a craven or like goose bumps. The bumps are small, beef atramentous or white, and abounding of them are usually present. In some people, the baby bumps may be red and inflamed. About the bumps are declared as acne-like or as accepting a sandpaper texture. They are accessible and about do not itch.

Keratosis polaris or pilaris usually affects the aback of the aerial arms, the thighs, and the buttocks regions. It can additionally arise on the face and can be misdiagnosed as an abscess problem. It is added accepted in teenagers than any added age group, but brand and beforehand individuals may additionally acquaintance this blazon of keratosis. In fact, up to 50 percent of adults may acquaintance this craven case botheration in assorted degrees. Aback case becomes dry, the pilaris activity becomes worse. Therefore, craven case is added accustomed in the winter months.

What causes keratosis pilaris? This case botheration is the aftereffect of a anatomy up of keratin, which afterwards blocks the bristles follicles in the skin. The addiction for this to arise in not acutely understood, but it is hereditary. The blockage after-effects in the accession of baby bumps on the credible of the skin. Although the actualization is awful by abounding it is brash a controllable case problem.

Keratosis pilaris does not charge to be brash and it may abandon on its own afterwards abounding years. If analysis is pursued, afresh there are several options as categorical below. However, it charge be kept in apperception that pilaris is difficult to amusement and the treatments are not cures. In abounding cases, the keratosis polaris allotment admitting the acknowledged abatement of the craven case with a treatment.

Soaking and Affable Exfoliation

A simple analysis involves assimilation in a hot tub and appliance affable exfoliation of the botheration case areas with a washcloth or added acceptable exfoliating accessory to admonition ameliorate the case pores. The key is affable exfoliation because if the abrading is too aggressive, afresh there is the achievability of aggravating the case condition.

Frequent Moisturization

A acceptable moisturizer can be acclimated on the afflicted skin. The moisturizer is acclimated about and this may accommodate appliance of the moisturizer several times a day.

Medicated or Decree Creams

If moisturizing is not effective, the abutting footfall for analysis would be to use antibacterial or decree creams absolute one of ammonium lactate, urea, alpha hydroxy acids, corticosteriods, or retinoids.


Antibiotics may be acclimated in assertive situations.

Skin Resurfacing

Finally, case resurfacing techniques such as microdermabrasion can annihilate the attendance of the craven skin.

A dermatologist can admonition you absitively the best advance of activity for ambidextrous with your keratosis pilaris.


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