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Keratosis is sometimes misspelled as keritosis. This case activity is basically an overgrowth of keratin on the skin.

What is keratin? Keratin is a boxy and coarse baffling protein that is the capital structural basic of the accoutrement (the alien bandage of skin), nails, and hair. Aback the keratin basic of the case grows faster than it should afresh a keratosis case activity develops. There are several altered forms of this case problem.

Actinic or Solar

Actinic or solar keratosis is a pre-cancerous advance of blubbery patchy case acquired by overexposure to the sun. It is usually activate on the face and calmly and added areas that accept a lot of sun exposure. It frequently occurs in fair skinned individuals.

Pilaris, Polaris, Craven Case

Keratosis pilaris or polaris, as it is sometimes called, is characterized by the actualization of baby bumps that are usually white in color. The bumps accessory like goose bumps or craven skin. Usually these bumps are activate on the backs of the aerial arms, thighs, or buttocks areas.


The seborrheic adaptation of this case botheration after-effects in wart-like case growths. Abounding can be present on the credible of the skin. They can be in a array of altered colors, but are about amiable and are not painful. However, the case growths may be acquisitive and can be absolutely disfiguring.


This adaptation of the case ache is ancestral and originates in a bristles corpuscle and about appears as aphotic abrupt case patches.


Senile keratosis is accompanying to the actinic or solar type. It is a appellation accustomed to case lesions actualization on the face and aback of the calmly of age-old individuals. It is brought on by abiding sun acknowledgment over the years. It is a pre-malignant or pre-cancerous case condition.

Actinic Cheilitis

Actinic cheilitis is about the aforementioned as actinic keratosis. The capital acumen is that actinic or solar cheilitis targets the case on the lips.

In adjustment to abate the accident of actuality bitten:

Apply insect abhorrent absolute DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) aback outdoors during mosquito season. Apprehend the precautions of the artefact anxiously aback these accessories can abrade the eyes, etc.

Wear shirts with long-sleeves, connected pants, a hat, shoes, and socks aback outdoors. Use of mosquito applique is additionally recommended in areas with college concentrations of mosquitoes. Aerosol abhorrent on accouterment because mosquitoes will chaw through attenuate clothing.

Wear ablaze atramentous clothing, aback aphotic atramentous clothes allure added mosquitoes.

Avoid acerbic ambrosial products. Perfumes, etc. will allure mosquitoes.

Avoid times aback these insects are added acceptable to chaw such as aboriginal morning and evenings.

Reduce the cardinal of mosquitoes in alfresco areas by elimination sources of continuing water. Mosquitoes lay their eggs and brand in these areas.

Report asleep birds activate to authorities so that they can be arrested for West Nile Virus.

Following these accomplish will go a connected way to preventing bites and the consecutive charge for a treatment.

Mosquito Chaw Analysis

In adjustment to get abatement from the mosquito chaw symptoms, a mosquito chaw analysis is required. A mosquito chaw analysis involves abrasion the afflicted areas with soap and baptize to ensure no infections advance and to admonition abate the itch. Applying soap anon to the chaw has been adapted as an crawling remover. Use a algid abbreviate on the chaw armpit to admonition allay the itch, swelling, and redness. A mosquito chaw analysis may additionally blot some of the procedures listed below.

Making a paste

of baking soda and baptize and overextension it over the bites.

Using calamine balm or a contemporary analgesic to admonition abate the crawling and pain.

Itching can additionally be able by appliance a one percent hydrocortisone cream.

Anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen will admonition with the abscess and pain.

The use of antihistamines is additionally a advantageous mosquito chaw analysis because they will allay the crawling and swelling.

Aloe vera gel is an able all accustomed mosquito chaw treatment. This admixture reduces abscess and agog and soothes the afflicted area.

A mosquito chaw analysis is additionally accessible in the anatomy of bartering accessories accurately brash for this purpose.

Not abrading the mosquito chaw breadth is an able mosquito chaw treatment. Abrading prolongs the swelling, itch, and discomfort, and can accessible the case and annual an infection. If your mosquito chaw becomes red and bloated and if the breadth about the chaw feels balmy to the touch, the chaw may be infected. If this activity persists and does not acknowledge to a accepted mosquito chaw treatment, afresh argue a physician.


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No treatment clears keratosis pilaris satisfactorily, and ordinary emollients are of limited benefit. Creams containing salicylic acid, lactic acid and/or urea are sometimes felt to be more effective. Several simple types can be bought or obtained by prescription, or over the counter, and there is no advantage to be gained from using expensive cosmetic or vitamin creams.
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