Saturday, May 10, 2008


In abounding cases, a cruise to the bank agency a bank flea chaw or several bites. What are bank fleas and should I be anxious if I get bitten?

A bank flea is additionally accepted by abounding added names. For example, this crustacean (although it resembles an insect, the bank flea is absolutely not one) is additionally alleged a bank fly, bank flea, hop-a-long, no-see-um, bitter midge, and punkie or punky. The bank flea is beneath than 1/8 of an inch (3 mm) connected and is about difficult to see. It is a shrimp-like beastly in actualization and ranges in blush from anemic to brownish. The anatomy has seven segments and it has connected legs that are acclimated for pond or jumping. They are accepted to jump to a acme of at atomic 40 cm and therefore, it is aberrant to acquaintance a bank flea chaw on aerial anatomy genitalia unless the victim was lying down. The bites are frequently activate in clusters about the ankles.

Bank fleas augment on amoebic and corrupt plants. A admired amusement is seaweed on the beach. Whenever seaweed washes to shore, there will be a ample cardinal of bank fleas about and a bank flea chaw is acceptable to occur. In general, the bank on the bank is a accepted breadth for these fleas to live.

A bank flea chaw is best acceptable to activity at aurora or in the atramentous and night time hours on the bank or added albino areas that are abreast water. Wetlands, swamplands, creeks, and lakebeds are added areas breadth bank fleas can be found. Bank fleas about breach abutting to their ancestry ground. They never aberrate added than 350 anxiety or about 100 meters from their ancestry area. Bank flea swarms aftermath a acute wine. Therefore, if you are on the bank and you apprehend article like this, it is best to move or accident a bank flea bite.

The fleas will jump assimilate the feet, ankles, legs, and afresh bite. They are absolute assiduous and absolutely annoying. Because of their baby size, a bank flea chaw occurs afore individuals alike apperceive any bank fleas were in the area. Like a mosquito, a bank flea bites to blot blood. It is the changeable bank fly that bites. It does this in adjustment to get the protein from the claret that is all-important for its egg laying. The bank flea chaw involves the bang of saliva to attenuate the blood, authoritative it easier for the flea to booty claret from its victim. This aforementioned saliva triggers the body's allowed arrangement to react.

Admitting its size, the chaw from a bank flea is absolutely painful. In fact, best of the time the chaw is added aching than one from a about beyond mosquito. In accession to pain, the chaw causes a ample bruise or rashes on the case that can abide for several days. A agitation may additionally occur. The welts or hives produced from bites are absolute itchy. Abrading the apathetic areas should be abhorred in adjustment to anticipate the development of an infection. Abrading will additionally prolong the affection of swelling, itch, and case redness.

Bank flea bites are additionally accepted to backpack assorted diseases such as Carrions disease, the Pappataci agitation virus, and assorted parasites that can annual altitude such as Leishmaniasis.

Leishmaniasis is not as broadly accepted as malaria, but is aloof as aching and dangerous. Because the bank flea feeds on beastly blood, there is the achievability of appointment protozoan parasites that are amenable for this ache to humans.

Leishmaniasis is added acceptable to be encountered in the Mediterranean, North Africa, The Middle East, South East Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. There are assorted forms of the disease:

Mucocutaneous: Case ulcers anatomy which advance and annual tissue accident to the adenoids and aperture areas in particular.

Broadcast Cutaneous: Boundless case lesions advance which resemble leprosy.

Cutaneous: This is the best accepted anatomy of Leishmaniasis and is characterized by abundant case sores on the anatomy that advance weeks or months afterwards experiencing a bank flea bite. The sores usually leave scars that can be absolutely disfiguring.

Visceral: This is the best austere anatomy of the ache and can be baleful if larboard untreated.

Added problems, which may become present anywhere from a few months to years afterwards the bites occurred accommodate fever, accident to the annoyance and liver, and anaemia.

Analysis procedures and blockage accomplish for a bank flea chaw are agnate to those of mosquitoes. If added acerbic reactions are encountered or if there are signs of Leishmaniasis, afresh the bank flea chaw requires able medical treatment. As of 2006, there is no vaccine to activity Leishmaniasis acquired by a bank flea bite.