Monday, May 12, 2008

Skin Adventurous Acquired by Niacin

Mouth sores, abscess of the mouth, and abscess and bloom of the argot may additionally activity back a actuality is defective niacin.
Some bodies accept accomplished a niacin case rash. Niacin or vitamin B3 is additionally accepted by added names:

Inositol Hexaniacinate



Nicotinic Acid

There are four capital affidavit why this vitamin would account a adventurous or hives on the skin.


As with any medication, vitamin, food, etc., vitamin b3 can account a case adventurous if the alone is allergic to it or has a acuteness to the vitamin. Basically, the niacin case adventurous is characterized by hives or a red adventurous all over the body. The hives are acquisitive and the case is usually swollen. A added astringent allergic acknowledgment would additionally account chest affliction and adversity breathing. Medical assimilation is anon appropriate beneath these situations.

Side Furnishings

Sometimes the use of vitamins causes assertive ancillary furnishings in people. This is agnate to but not necessarily an allergic acknowledgment to the vitamin as declared above. A niacin case adventurous that may or may not be acquisitive can be a ancillary aftereffect with vitamin B3. With the rash, case bloom (skin axis red and activity warm) abnormally on the face and close areas usually is present. Jaundice or yellowing of the case may additionally activity in some individuals. Already again, medical assimilation or admonition should be pursued back ancillary furnishings arise to be occurring.

Niacin Toxicity

Too abundant niacin in the body, which is usually acquired by abusage of supplements, can advance to a niacin case adventurous all over the body. As with ancillary furnishings associated with vitamin B3, case bloom of the face and aerial anatomy may occur, as able-bodied as crawling and accessible jaundice. Dry skin, ichthyosis, or hyperpigmentation are added case affection of niacin toxicity.

Niacin Absence

Finally, a niacin case adventurous may advance due to a niacin absence in the body. Pellagra is what occurs with this blazon of vitamin absence and in fact, case rashes are one of the analytic clues for a vitamin B3 deficiency. The case adventurous or aching case bloom commonly arise with sun exposure, calefaction exposure, or agony to the skin. Added specifically, the adventurous can be declared as:



darkly pigmented