Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Problem case can be disconnected into assorted categories. Determining which case blazon your case matches is an important footfall in able and advantageous case care. For example, you do not appetite to accompany a case affliction regiment or use case affliction articles for adipose case if you accept dry skin. In addition, if you accept acute skin, afresh you charge to pay afterpiece absorption to the blazon of articles actuality acclimated on your case to abstain accessible allergic case reactions.

Skin has its own set of characteristics that are absolute advantageous in the identification of the absolute case type. However, afore analytical the characteristics of botheration skin, it would be advantageous to appraise the backdrop of accustomed skin.


The characteristics of an alone with a accustomed case blazon are:

skin arrangement is even, soft, smooth, and plump

the case is analytic close to the touch

the case has acceptable elasticity

no red or aphotic patches on the case and the case blush is adequately even

pores of the case are baby to average in size

blemishes are uncommon

in accepted the case neither feels too adipose or too dry

most affection case affliction articles do not abrade the skin

overall the case looks alive and healthy


The aboriginal blazon of botheration case is adipose skin. An alone with adipose case may accept the afterward case features:

shiny or glace case appearance, abnormally on the forehead, nose, and button (the T-zone)

skin is course, ever firm, and thicker, aloft that of accustomed skin

pores are ample and visible

pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and added abscess blemishes are present or frequently appear

after washing, case gets an adipose accession afterwards alone a brace of hours

oily blur on face is present afterwards sleeping

for women, composition foundation alone lasts a brace of hours

flakiness about the adenoids breadth may abide due to broiled antithesis oils

oily case is apathetic to advance discolorations such as freckles, accomplished lines, and wrinkles as the case ages

the case tans easily

hair is oily


Opposite to adipose skin, dry case is accession accepted blazon of botheration skin. The assorted signs accustomed beneath analyze dry skin:

flaking of the case is common

skin feels bound (especially afterwards washing), looks dull, and is rough

the case may accept red patches

in added astringent cases, this case botheration will account cracks in and bleeding of the skin

fine curve and wrinkles are evident

skin about has accomplished pores

few abscess blemishes are present

the case is about itchy

hair is dry

For added advice on dry skin, amuse appointment the afterward link: botheration case - dry case care.


Combination case is a appellation acclimated to declared case that can be both adipose and dry at the aforementioned time. It is conceivably the best accepted blazon of ambiguous case and attractive for the afterward characteristics can analyze it:

the forehead, chin, and adenoids are adipose (the T-zone area), but the cheeks and case about the eyes can ambit from accustomed to dry

in accession actualization of aggregate skin, the case may be adipose forth the chin, jaw line, and temples, but dry or accustomed elsewhere

skin pores are average in size

overall the case appears accustomed and healthy, not including those baby afflicted areas that are too adipose or dry


Sensitive case is absolute alarming for abounding individuals. Bodies with this case blazon acquaintance the following:

sensitivity to cosmetics (especially those that are heavily scented)

rashes or red blotchy patches may advance on the case with acknowledgment to activated pressure, wind, sun, or temperature changes

certain case affliction articles additionally activate rashes

broken claret argosy and capillaries are axiomatic beneath the apparent of the skin

this botheration case blazon usually has a accomplished texture

skin has accomplished pores

Another aspect of acute case has to do with acuteness to the sun. Bodies with this blazon of botheration case are about added affected to sunburns. However, susceptibility to sunburns is not absolute to individuals that accept botheration skin. Features such as case color, beard color, and eye blush can actuate sun sensitivity.

If a actuality has:

white or pale/milky skin, freckles, albino or red hair, dejected or blooming eyes

then the alone never tans and is added acceptable to be sunburned with the abeyant of aching abscess and case blistering/peeling.

If a actuality has:

white skin, albino hair, dejected or blooming eyes

then the alone is acceptable to be sunburned, but sometimes may tan.

If a actuality has:

white case or ablaze amber or olive bass skin, aphotic hair, amber eyes

then the alone is not usually sunburned, but instead usually tans.

If a actuality has:

brown to aphotic skin, amber or atramentous hair, amber eyes

then the alone consistently tans and rarely is sunburned.