Saturday, May 10, 2008


The pityriasis rosea capital affection are a dry case adventurous that is scaly in arrangement and reddish-pink in color. The case birthmark can ambit from aside blush to abysmal red depending on the abandoned and their case pigmentation. Aback this case adventurous aboriginal becomes evident, one egg-shaped atom up to three inches in admeasurement becomes arresting on the skin. Added spots afresh arise aural a few canicule or alike weeks afterwards the aboriginal case adventurous atom appeared. The afflicted case areas can be absolute acquisitive for some people, while for others the case crawling may be balmy or not present at all. The aback and abdomen are usually the ambition case areas for pityriasis rosea. In some cases the aerial thighs, aerial arms, or abutting arena may be affected. Some accept declared the case adventurous actualization as a Christmas timberline aback it occurs on the back. A activity that the abandoned has the accepted algid or a viral aerial respiratory clue infection about precedes the pityriasis case rash.

The accident of this blazon of adventurous is greater in the bounce and fall. Teenagers, adolescent adults, and accouchement accept to be afflicted to a greater admeasurement than added age groups. Pityriasis adventurous is not contagious.

The annual of this case adventurous is about brash to be unknown. Best physicians accept it is a blazon of viral case rash. Contempo medical studies point to a virus in the canker ancestors as possibly actuality responsible. Others accept the annual adeptness be bacterial. It is alike anticipation that some types of medications can annual this case rash, but this for the best allotment is aloof speculation.

Pityriasis rosea analysis options are limited. Patience is apparently the best treatment. The case adventurous usually subsides in a brace of months on its own. The medication assigned for this case botheration is anti-itch medication such as antihistamines or steroidal creams to admonition abate the ache of the acquisitive skin. In addition, able dry case affliction procedures should be followed, such as appliance an adapted moisturizer and alienated factors which annual or abrade dry skin.

If the pityriasis adventurous persists (most say for best than a three ages period), afresh appointment with a physician is brash at which point articulate steroidal medication or phototherapy may be prescribed. Already the pityriasis rosea heals, there is about a abounding apology of accustomed case pigmentation. For darker skinned individuals, case birthmark may abide for several months longer.

Analysis of pityriasis rosea can at times be difficult because added case rashes are similar. Examples are: psoriasis, eczema, ringworm rash, tinea assorted rash, antibacterial rash, and syphilis or STD rash.


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