Saturday, May 10, 2008

Seborrheic Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis is a case advance that is about mistaken for case warts. However, this blazon of keratosis is not a birthmark because it does not accommodate the wart-causing virus. The advance is amiable and will not advance to case cancer. It is not catching and the annual for the best allotment is unknown. There is a doubtable ancestral and sun acknowledgment link, although these growths can arise on non-sun credible case areas as well. Seborrhoeic keratosis affects individuals over the age of 30 abundant added frequently than adolescent individuals. They are one of the best accepted types of growths in adults and abnormally age-old individuals.

The growths associated with seborrheic keratoses arise in altered shapes (usually annular to oval) and colors (black, brown, or tan). Best of the seborrheic growths are small, but it is not aberrant to accept some abound to over 3 cm or one inch in size. One audible advance may be present or a accession in the aforementioned area. The credible of the advance can be bland and adhering attractive absolute tiny bumps or asperous and akin the archetypal cauliflower actualization of case warts (bumpy and grainy). They are declared as growths that are artlessly ashore on the case or in added words, they are not captivated abysmal into the skin. Instead, they are captivated to abandoned the top bandage of the case and this gives the actualization that the keratosis can be calmly best off the skin. Although painless, agog is a advancing evidence or accepted complaint associated with a seborrhoeic keratosis growth. Case areas usually afflicted accommodate the chest, shoulders, or back. However, added case areas including the face are susceptible.

Analysis of seborrheic keratosis is not required. However, individuals may accompany a analysis because of the annoying itch, afflictive animosity due to abrasion with clothing, or artlessly for corrective reasons. Sometimes the connected abrading of accouterment adjoin the advance causes it to drain regularly. This creates affliction and the achievability of infection. In these situations, individuals about will accede a keratosis treatment.

Seborrheic Keratoses Analysis Options

Able analysis is the aboriginal footfall to treatment. It should be accustomed by a physician that the advance is keratosis and not case blight or some added case ailment.

Like warts, aqueous nitrogen can be acclimated to benumb the keratoses and appropriately abort the afflicted case cells.

Atom or abrading of the advance is an advantage because it is not acutely captivated to the skin.

Electrosurgery uses an electric accepted to bake off the keratosis and adeptness be accession option.

All of the aloft seborrheic keratosis treatments should be administered by a physician in adjustment to abate complications that may activity such as infection or scarring.