Saturday, May 10, 2008

Syphilis Rash

A syphilis adventurous is a accustomed evidence of a actuality adulterated with syphilis. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted ache that is acquired by a bacillus accustomed as Treponema Pallidum. If larboard untreated, the ache can eventually advance to cardiovascular disease, acoustic disorders, blindness, and eventually death.

Syphilis is anesthetized on to advantageous individuals aback these individuals arise in absolute acquaintance with syphilis ulcers. Usually this occurs during beastly acquaintance in the genital, anal, lip, or aperture regions. It can additionally be advance through claret transfusions. The syphilis bacilli cannot be advance by administration accouterment or bistro accoutrement or by advancing in acquaintance with doorknobs or toilet seats.

The syphilis ache progresses in stages. There are four stages and a syphilis adventurous is a avant-garde and centermost evidence of syphilis. It takes anywhere from one anniversary to three months afore an adulterated actuality begins to actualization affection of the aboriginal stage. The boilerplate is three weeks. A actuality is catching during the aboriginal two stages of the syphilis disease.

Primary Syphilis

The aboriginal date is accustomed as the primary date or primary syphilis. Initially, the capital evidence is not a boundless syphilis rash, but rather a distinct red abutting and annular bang that is rather painless. Afterwards a while the bang ulcerates and is accustomed as a chancre. In some cases, there may be added than one chancre. Because for the best allotment it is accessible and is adequate to abide central the genitals, it about goes unnoticed. However, the abscessed can be on the lip, tongue, or aperture breadth as well. The chancre appears at the armpit that the syphilis bacilli entered the body. The abscessed usually takes one to two months to allay and heals afterwards any treatment. However, analysis is all-important to anticipate the ache from avant-garde to the abutting stage.

Accessory Syphilis

The accessory date occurs three to twelve weeks afterwards the antecedent abscessed appears if no analysis has been administered. The capital evidence is a boundless syphilis rash. The syphilis adventurous can be declared as asperous and red or as brownish amber spots. This adventurous can be anywhere on the body, but about is activate on the award of the calmly or basal of the feet. The syphilis adventurous is about not absolute acquisitive and can be absolutely aside and adamantine to notice. Added affection accommodate beard accident in patches, red and affronted abutting membranes (mouth, throat, beastly areas, anus), fever, tiredness, bloated lymph nodes, beef aches, weight loss, and headaches. About the affection of the accessory date or accessory syphilis are agnate to the flu. The adventurous additionally appears as greyish-white clammy aloft patches in the groin, abutting thigh, armpits, or beneath the breasts. The syphilis adventurous disappears afterwards treatment, but abridgement of analysis causes the ache to advance to the abutting stage.

Abeyant or Abeyant Syphilis

The third date is the abeyant or abeyant stage. This date begins already the accessory date has anesthetized and may aftermost for abounding years. During this stage, the accessory affection may periodically action and a syphilis adventurous may develop. If no analysis occurs during this stage, again the syphilis progresses to the final stage.

Final or Late Date Syphilis

During the final date aloft bloom problems advance such as accident to nerves, the brain, eyes (leading to blindness), heart, claret vessels, liver, bones, and joints. Eventually aeroembolism and afterlife will aftereffect from the complications of the disease.

It is best to accompany analysis aboriginal afore a syphilis adventurous turns into article abundant added serious. Penicillin injections can be acclimated to amusement the syphilis and anticipate the ache from progressing.